I’m fooled!

E-mail scams have reached new levels of sophistication:

Drae Balcrays Merebm,

Tsih eiaml was setn by the Balcrays srevre to verfiy yoru emlia addrses. You mtsu comelpte tihs psecors by clickgni on the likn belwo and eetnring in the smlal winodw yruo Balcrays Membpihsre nebmur, passedoc and memorelba word.
Tsih is dnoe for yoru pritcetoon – bceause semo of our mrebmes no longre heva accses to tiehr eliam asserddes and we mtsu vyfiit. To vyfire yruo emlia aerddss and aseccs yuor bkna auoccnt, cilck on the lkni bleow

Yes, I, too, hvae seen the rseutls of the spuosped rscheearch at Cmabrigde uinervtisy

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