Movin’ on Up

Until now, this blog used Blogger. The reason for this was, primarily, lethargy. While not notable for much else, this blog is at least venerable, dating back to November of 2001, back before blogs were cool, man. Blogging platforms were rather more limited back then (or at least I was oblivious to better options), so I chose Blogger. I never bothered to change services since, well, I rarely bothered to write in it.

I’m also one of approximately three people who were using Blogger’s ‘publish via FTP’ option. I recently got an e-mail from Google saying that they were discontinuing the FTP publishing option because it was annoying them and because approximately three people were using it. With this turn of events I decided it was time to renovate a bit, so I installed WordPress and imported everything into that.

Having never used WordPress before, it’s slicker than I expected and I’m pretty impressed. I look forward to not writing in it.

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