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I remember sitting at home, election evening 2000, watching the news. I remember seeing Bush’s picture plastered on the screen with the title “President” under it. I remember the several weeks of aftermath as the debacle settled out. And I remember being angry about the outcome: Who was this man who would blatantly ignore the…albeit vague…will of the people and force his way into an unearned office? What sort of man could live with the knowledge that he aquired his position on the flimsiest of technicalities, trying to pass it off as Democracy? Then I braced for a bad 4 years.

But, christ, my nightmare never approximated the reality. Bush has clearly demonstrated the sort of man he is, time and time again–I just hope the effects are not irreparable. And I feel the passion rising within, a great Rebel Yell searching for an outlet. I yearn to rise up, to say “NO!” to this transparent usurper of the American way. I feel as if I have taken a breath, put my life on hold waiting to exhale. I long for the day when I can once again be proud to be American.

United We Stand…against Bush

open throttle

screaming streak on empty desert

mind body rending sky

repression stupor torn asunder

ribbon road pierce sand rock sage

path becomes salvation

Count me with the apparent few who agree with the 9th circuit court’s decision that the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional. The argument has been made that the Pledge refers to ‘god’, not ‘God’, encompassing the higher being for all religions…which still leaves Atheists high and dry. My first thought was, “Yeah, I agree with the court, but this is a silly thing and society in on the whole is not ready to accept a change. I can deal with a little tradition…”

Then I discovered the irksome fact that the ‘under God’ part was added in the 1950s! I can only imagine what prompted the change, but it’s apparent that there isn’t a long tradition associated with the phrase. Why can’t we go back to saying:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Oh, well…it’s still just a silly thing.

So Donald Rumsfeld is trying to get the country all panicked about the possibility of another terrorist attack. Nuclear power plants…water supplies…the Space Needle. Is it really an immediate threat…or could it be something other than a coincidence that he’s looking for a $48 billion increase in defense spending for the coming year? Really, does a picture of the Space Needle warrant this kind of action? And a threat to nuclear power plants that was deemed not credible previously is now a real threat? Methinks Donny has gotten used to largely unconditional support bred from fear…don’t let it stop now!

I have a morbid fascination with Los Angeles…a classic love/hate relationship. I haven’t even been there for any length of time, but the stereotypes both draw me in and push me away. The simple immensity of the metropolis, the ‘me’ culture, the throng of cars, the palm trees against the mountains against the smog. It’s a city not in denial about what it is. It’s not cute or quaint…it’s just there and if you can’t handle it, get out.